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Memorial Day, Fleet Week, Flag Day, and July 4th... Great Reasons to Visit and tour New York City!

Walk in the footsteps of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, John Jay, and John Pintard (the founder of Independence Day)! Experience their dramatic true lives that shaped our nation and the modern world.

See where the first "Whitehouses" were.

Where the first capitol was and and learn what happened there.

A tavern that hosted Hamilton's Treasury Department, Jefferson's Department of State, and the Department of War. Strange bedfellows. What were three other things rivals Jefferson and Hamilton could agree on? Three hints: DC, Debt, and a Duel.

How did New York city lose the Capitol and gain capital?

Some Americans think New York City is a foreign country off the coast of America, leeching the nation. But New Yorkers lost the most lives in the Revolutionary War. George Washington nearly lost the Revolution here, and he returned to liberate NYC, ending the war. The Bill of Rights was given to America here. And New York City has been funding the USA since at least 1800.

For hundreds of years, New York has provided the Federal Government much more money than we take in. New Yorkers and New York City is a generous place, and we have been for thousands of years.

Do you like George Washington? Join my George Washington's New York City tour!

Based on your interests, we can do a general NYC Birthplace of America tour, or we can customize one. Downtown, what I call the Colonial District, Brooklyn, Harlem, Washington Heights are great places to tour NYC's colonial heritage. We can even take it farther and visit New Jersey's significant patriot heritage, and the forts on the way to West Point.

Visit and take a tour!

To book a tour please fill out our Book Your Tour form and reference "Patriotic Tours". Alternately you may call Jared at (917) 533-1057.

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