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Posted: Jul 28, 2012 | 5:17 PM
by Jared Goldstein
It is almost August, so I might as well get into the 'Back to School' spirit.

Touring is great for personal development: school and beyond.

Vocabulary Tours

Building vocabulary helps all of us succeed in the workplace, school, the Verbal SATs, and reading books and New York Times articles with more comprehension. 

Lifelong learning and walking keeps our brains and bodies healthy.

Many of us learn through doing, through experiences and associations.  Some of us (such as with ADD ADHD) are better suited to learn vocabulary on the move!

Fun and surprises keeps us interested.  You often don't even know you are learning while on a tour.

Building Your Vocabulary Tour Goers can ask me questions about a new word that comes up.  The most questions about "power words" on the tour wins the contest.  This perks up attention to stretch learning opportunities.

I will also highlight some 'power words,' new vocabulary, to take note of the definition and a memorable sentence for using assocative memory.

Vocabulary building tours are great privately or for groups.  You can build the vocabularies of everyone who understands English from first graders, through high school, and beyond.  Jared the NYC Tour Guide is available to work with educators to integrate your vocabulary building tour into your curriculum.

Here is some research and stories about using tours for vocabulary building.  These tours are not just for striving college and SAT prep high schoolers, or interested adults, but also kids.

"Vocabulary Visits ... field trips for content vocabulary development"  This article focuses on elementary school students, some from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The New York Times reported that, for disadvantaged students, affordable, easy-to-plan field trips can make a huge difference in elementary school learning to prepare kids for classist testing bias that assumes that most words are known by children of all economic backgrounds.

I can tailor a two-hour vocabulary tour for your classroom starting at $10 per student.

Here is more about my vocabulary building tours for advanced learners.

Touring with Autism Spectrum Disorders can be surprisingly fun, engaging and memorable.

Nothing like learning out of the school building on walking tours when back-to-school.


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