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October 10th in NYC History

Posted: Oct 10, 2012 | 3:46 PM
1645:  The Dutch chartered Flushing.  Later it will help establish religious tolerance in America.

1770:  The Erie Canal's engineer Benjamin Wright born.  The canal cemented NYC as the great American port for about 140 years.  It was a publicly funded investment that paid for itself before it was even completed.

1775:  General Howe chosen to lead British army.

1885:  The largest intentional detonation (until the atomic bomb) happens over 9 acres to  improve ship navigation through the East River's Hell Gate Channel.  The army blasted
three-hundred-thousand pounds of dynamite there.

1900:  Broadway's beloved Helen Hayes born.

1917:  NYC and Julliard's Jazz great Thelonious Monk born.

1935:  "Porgy and Bess," George Gershwin's opera featuring an all-black cast using black idioms opens on Broadway at the Alvin.  It was considered the US' first great opera.

1946:  Broadway acting and dancing talent Ben Vereen born.

1954:  Happy Birthday Rock star David Lee Roth from Van Halen.

1956:  The last "Wait 'till next year" in Brooklyn as the Yankees 9-0 take the World Series from them 4-3 in the series:

1973:  Two days after a two-team brawl and the fans throwing garbage onto the field, the Mets beat Cincinnati 7-2 take the National League Pennant.  Tens of thousands of fans storm the NY Shea Stadium field and tear the turf and trash the stadium.

1985:  Yul Brenner known for the King and I died in Manhattan.

2004:  Julliard alum, Superman, and philanthropist Christopher Reeve dies at age 52.

2012:  Robert Lefkowitz wins the Nobel Prize for Chemistry "studies of G-protein-coupled receptors."  He is the 8th graduate of the Bronx High School of Science to be awarded a Nobel Prize.


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