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Feb. 14th in New York City History

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 | 11:29 PM
by Jared Goldstein

1865:  Abraham and Strauss Department Store founded in Brooklyn, proliferating across New York City until the last one in 1995 after a merger with Macy's.

1899:  The name "Broadway" is extended past Columbus Circle through the Upper West Side.  Formerly that stretch of road was called "Western Boulevard."  

Those who go on my tours know that, for much longer, for thousands of years, the road was known as Weekagwezek Hunting Trail, uniting the Iroquois Mohawk nation from here into Quebec, following the high ground favored by deer.

Mayor Van Wyck signed the proclamation extending "Broadway."

1943:  New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg born.

1944:  Investigative journalist, author, and now a New Yorker, Carl Bernstein, born in D.C.

1965:  Malcom Shabbazz/.Malcolm X's home in Elmhurst, Queens, was firebombed.  He would be assassinated the following week.

We recount some of his remarkable life, more like lives, on Harlem tours.


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