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April 9th in NYC History

Posted: Apr 9, 2013 | 8:14 AM

1691:  NYC's representative government system began in a Pearl Street Tavern as its first elected assembly met there.

We visit the site of Governor Lovelace's Tavern on Downtown tours, Financial District tours, and Colonial NYC tours.

1813:  New York legalized slaves' marriages.

1888:  Sal Hurok born in Russia (now Ukraine).  As an impresario he popularized ballet and classical music in the United States.  He died in 1974.

1898:  Paul Robeson, deep baritone singer "Old Man River," actor, and civil rights leader born.  An amazing individual.  We see where he lived on Harlem tours, Uptown tours, and Columbia tours.  He died in 1976.

1913:  The Brooklyn Dodgers' new stadium, Ebbet's Field, opens.

1947:  Brooklyn Dodger manager Leo "the Lip" Durocher suspended from baseball for associating with gamblers.

1965:  Happy Birthday to Czech model Paulina Porizkova, wife of Ric Ocasek.

Apparently my fiancee and I walked past them.  I found out when fiancee accused me of looking at the model, but I was navigating the sidewalk and only noted two tall people dressed darkly.  That neighborhood is on my Chelsea tours, Flatiron District tours, and Manhattan Step On tours, aka MSO tours, aka Manhattan Sights Orientation tours.

1966:  Happy Birthday Cynthia Nixon, an actress famous for "Sex and the City."  She is a frequent Broadway player.

I used to see her on Columbia's campus as an undergrad.  We see that neighborhood on Columbia University tours, Uptown tours, and some MSO tours, aka Manhattan Step-on tours, aka Manhattan Sights Orientation tours.


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