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April 3rd in NYC History

Posted: Apr 3, 2013 | 12:15 AM
1783:  The Father of American Literature, a consummate New Yorker, and a developer of Santa Claus and the taming of Christmas, Washington Irving born in New York City.

Washington Irving plays a prominent role in my Santa Claus New York Tour.

1823:  Boss Tweed born.

We visit some of Boss Tweed's haunts on Downtown Tours,

Five Points tours, Santa Claus tours, East Village tours, Union Square tours, and

Lower East Side tours!

1884:  Bud Fisher, creator of the Mutt and Jeff comic strip born in Chicago.  He lived his last 33 years in NYC.

1898:  Henry Luce the giant of magazine publishing (Time, Sports Illustrated, Life Magazine) born abroad to evangelists.  

It is interesting how he opened up his enterprises to go beyond boostering the Cold War, but joining in providing information to clandestine agencies, as well as providing cover for covert activities.  Patriotism is great, but this sort of abuse puts journalists in danger.  In addition, it calls into question what is being reported and what is not being reported.

1936:  The Bronx' Bruno Hauptmann executed in N.J., for the kidnap-murder of the Lindbergh baby.

1944:  Singer "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Old Oak Tree" Tony Orlando born in NYC. He grew up in rough Hell's Kitchen.  

An Academy bus driver I worked with is a cousin of his and says Orlando is a great relative.

The tying of yellow ribbons for hostages and soldiers comes from this song.

1958:  Actor Alec Baldwin "30 Rock" born.  Baldwin is Saturday Night Live's most frequent guest host.  30 Rock is based on Lorne Micheals the producer of Saturday Night Live.

1959:  Broadway star and Upper West Sider David Hyde Pierce born.

We visit his neighborhood on Upper West Side tours.

1961:  Eddie Murphy born.  His career skyrocketed from Saturday Night Live.

1978:  Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.  Allen did not attend the ceremony.  He was playing his regular clarinet gig with his band at the Carlyle.  

I went to college and camp with Young Alvie Singer, Jonathan Munk.  Great guy.  Every time Annie Hall was on TV somewhere he'd get a small check that he'd blow on cigarettes and beer.  Jon gets his thrills from chasing tornadoes with his wife.

1996:  Pride of Harlem U.S. Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown died in a plane crash in Europe while on a business development mission in Croatia.

1998:  The Dow Jones industrial average bulled above 9,000 for the first time.


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