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July 23rd in NYC History

Posted: Jul 23, 2013 | 10:13 PM

1886...An unemployed Brooklynite named Steve Brodie
becomes a star when he claims to have jumped from the Brooklyn Bridge
and lived to tell the tale. Brodie is never able to prove his story, but
he does cash in on his fame by opening a bar on the Bowery.

Steve Brodie (December 25, 1861 – January 31, 1901) was an American from New York City who claimed to have jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge and survived on July 23, 1886. The resulting publicity from the supposed jump, whose veracity was disputed, gave Brodie publicity, a thriving saloon and a career as an actor.

?? Harry Cohn ??  7/23/1891 - 2/27/1958
co-founder of Columbia Pictures

1940Don Imus, Radio personality,

1967Philip Seymour Hoffman, Actor ("Capote")

2003...A routine afternoon at City Hall is shattered when Brooklyn City Councilman James Davis is shot to death inside the council chambers
by his one-time political rival Othneil Askew. A plainclothes officer
then shoots and kills Askew. Askew had entered City Hall with Davis,
but didn't go through the metal detectors. The shooting leads to
increased security at City Hall.

2009... Thousands turn out to honor legendary newsman
Walter Cronkite as funeral services are held at St. Bartholomew's Church
in Manhattan.


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