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Jan 5 in NYC History

Robinson retires;
Sugar Hill crosses over into the charts;
Birth of scheduled shipping revolutionizes trade.

Posted: Jan 5, 2013 | 1:47 AM
by Jared Goldstein

1818:  The sailing ship James Monroe sets off from New York for Liverpool at exactly 10 a.m., marking the beginning of international shipping run on a set schedule – a revolutionary idea in its day.

This is just part of the South Street Seaport's rich and innovative heritage that I touch on in my Seaport Tours, which is the official tour of both the South Street Seaport Museum and the South Street Seaport Mall.

1877:  Clergyman Henry Sloane Coffin born.  He died in 1954.

1925:  Lou Carnesecca, champion basketball coach for St. John's University (1989 NIT and 1985 NCAA Final Four), and the New York Nets' 1972 ABA Finals, born in NYC

1931:  Alvin Ailey Jr.,
choreographer and dancer; founded Ailey American Dance Theater, born.  He died in 1989.

1942:  Charlie Rose, Broadcast journalist, turns 71

1946:  Diane Keaton, Actress, turns 67.

1953:  George Tenet, Former CIA director, turns 60.

1957:  Jackie Robinson, who integrated the Major
Leagues in 1947, announced his retirement from baseball
weeks after the Dodgers trade him to the cross-town rival Giants for $35,000 and a pitcher.

1970:  Soap opera "All My Children" premiered on ABC-TV.

1973:  Bruce Springsteen's debut album, "Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.," released.

1980:  The Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" becomes hip-hop's first Top 40 hit. 
We see the Sugar Hill projects during my Harlem tours.

1993:  Reggie "Mr. October" Jackson becomes a Baseball Hall of Famer.


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