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December 31st in NYC History

Posted: Dec 31, 2012 | 3:02 PM
by Jared Goldstein

1878:  Elizabeth Arden born.  Her red door is on 5th Ave.

1879:  Edison introduces his electric incandescent light in Menlo Park, N.J., now Edison, NJ.

1904:  The New York Times moves the New Years's Eve Celebration to the newly renamed Times Square with fireworks and a band.  For decades the celebration was Downtown with fireworks at Trinity Church.

1907:  The New York Times drops a ball from its headquarters at #1 Times Square, hearkening back to the British harbour tradition, synchronizing schedules.  I conject that in 1907 cellphones didn't have the time on them.

1909: On his last day in office, Mayor McClellan, who led the construction of the Manhattan Bridge, led his motorcade across it just before completion, so he could open the bridge two years before it was ready for the public.      

1910...The Manhattan Bridge opens...sort of. Mayor
George McClellan, hoping to leave a positive impression as he leaves office, leads a procession across the span – which still lacks a paved roadway and railway. Construction on the bridge is finally completed in 1912.

During his term, McClellan also initiated the subway, taking the
controls from the chief engineer and gunning the train as fast as it could go, with dignitaries on board.  He held on much longer than the ceremony called for! 

A lot happened during McClellan, and his life demands a
biography.     New York's great age of public works were stalled
by the 1916 income tax act, which drained New York City's money to the rest of the nation. 

[Insert pics of McClellan on Manhattan Bridge and on the subway.] 

1946:  Diane Von Furstenberg born.
  Birthday, Diane Von Furstenberg, fashion designer, and benefactor of the High Line Park.     I think the High Line is the next great park innovation since Central Park.  I call the style: post-post-industrial-neo-modernism.

1974:   The Yankees sign the Oakland A's Free Agent Catfish Hunter for $2.3 million for a five year contract, then the record for a pitcher.  The Baseball bidding wars begin.31

Happy New Year! 

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