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Posted: Dec 27, 2018 | 12:29 PM
by Jared Goldstein

Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Natural History tours for Families and Kids

Here is a recent evaluation:
"Excellent tour [of the Metropolitan Museum of Art]... Super job keeping kids interested [in the art museum]."
4 out of 4 rating.

One of my favorite things about 2018 was developing kids' tours of the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art for families.  It is wonderful to be part of those experiences.  I loved museum visits as a child with my parents.

Frequent friends of ours:  Arms & Armor, Greek & Roman, Modern Art, American Art, especially Washington Crossing the Delaware, Egyptian Art, paintings, Impressionists, Musical Instruments, and William the Hippo.  We don't cover all of these on a typical visit.  I improvise based on your interests.

At the American Museum of Natural History, sometimes we relate some of the Museum specimens to movies like Night at the Museum, Madagascar, and Harry Potter.  I like to talk about how the museum helped saved young Teddy Roosevelt's life, when he was a boy, who grew up to be President, to save millions of animals and plants that he studied as a youth. 

Visits can include Marine Life,
the giant tree,
the giant mosquito,
origins of man,
North American Mammals,
how dioramas are made,
African Mammals,
Native Americans,
Pacific Islanders,
New York State's geography and geology, mammals and birds, and maybe history,
Dinosaurs, including a fossil that I found when I was six years old that I tried to donate to the museum; the museum returned it with a personalized educational letter; they are some of my prize possessions,
and Space...
- How big are we, how small are we, how long is our history and the history of our universe and atoms?

(Again, we can't see all of these things!  We can see most.  It depends on time and interests.) 

That's what I love about these two museums, they make me feel like I am part of something great and wonderful.  I am thrilled every time I tour these museums, and my enthusiasm seems to be shared by all or most of my guests.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art explores why are we here, and the American Museum of Natural History explores how we are here.

A perfect day could be two or more hours at each museum, lunch, and time in Central Park, even a couple of hours there!!  Little kids need those playgrounds, and there are some fun things from movies and little details to discover.

I also like sharing and touring the less explored museums in New York City, as well as other major ones.  We have over 150 museums.

Museum tours are among my favorite parts of what I do.

Caveat:  I am not an expert in over 30 different departments and millions of works of art in hundreds of thousands of square meters and millions of square feet, like a skyscraper or several Walmarts.  The knowledge of each item in a museum can be hundreds of pages per work of art or specimen.  Each department is worthy of a library.

I approach my tours with some fun facts about the pieces and specimens that I find interesting.  I also have suggested places for great pictures.

Also, there are stories behind the walls of the museums that tell us their great histories, and how they function.  Some kids are interested in how the museum runs -- how works of art can be saved for thousands of years, who are the Guards, how is an exhibit designed?  I worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art between High School and College.

I also read books about the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I will do my best to stick with what I know, and try to treat my favorite things as something worth sharing and discovering through questions that I pose to the kids. 

I will also research answers to questions that I don't know yet.  I think that knowing a little about many things is better than knowing everything, or seeming like you know everything. 

We mostly visit museums to learn, but also to feel and have fun, and I think that feeling and having fun has more of an impact than knowing everything in every department.  I also think that such museum tours for kids and families should inspire kids to learn more, research, go to more museums, and to create art, preserve nature, or to give their lives a purpose by developing an interest, even becoming a researcher or curator.

And sometimes I bring along some art supplies in case inspiration strikes.  There is nothing like drawing something to really learn about the subject, whether it is a specimen, an art work, or about your own feelings and perceptions.

Another thing I bring to the tour: my reacting to how is the kid feeling or reacting.  Is energy low?  Need fuel?  Need a place to sit?  Bathroom?  Is the kid shifting on her feet?  Does he look bored?   I note this to the parent, and sometimes the kid.  I ask, and I react.  If I'm right, it is time to move it along!  Time to change the exhibit we are seeing, or maybe do something completely different.

Let's take the whole family on a museum tour! 

I know how it can be accessible for all generations.  Your whole family will remember this happy day.

You'll have a private customized tour of the museum that happens at your convenience, based on your interests.

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Posted: Dec 25, 2018 | 5:44 PM
by Jared Goldstein

From a group tour operator about our NYC group tour

"in 2017, I had a group of 26 in New York for only a few hours after a cruise [into Brooklyn], before our flights home. 

We wanted to see New York.  Jaren met us at the cruise pier, helped us with our luggage, gave us a great 4 hour [New York  City] tour [including the 9/11 Memorial], and took us to the airport. 

Now he sends me a Christmas card and a NYC chocolate bar every Christmas.  If you need someone for a great, personal tour of NYC, three hours or three days, call Jared.  He's the man!..."
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Posted: Dec 19, 2018 | 7:31 PM
by Jared Goldstein

A rave about my Metropolitan Museum of Art tour with kids

"We could not have been happier with our personalized family tour [of the Metropolitan Museum] with Jared. He customized our route exactly according to the interests and whims of our two boys ages 13 and 9 and my husband and I.

I explained our sons enjoyed Greek Mythology, have a limited knowledge of Impressionists and Renaissance but we hope to inspire a deeper appreciation for art in general.

However, when they were enthralled with the Medieval art section, Jared was quick to adapt and equally as knowledgeable and engaging...

Jared was excellent at encouraging questions and leading where the interest lie. He provided interesting back stories on the artists themselves and the message of the art itself. Exactly what we had hoped for.

When the boys weren't any where near ready to leave after 2.5 hours, we considered the tour a smashing success."

What a great family that is!

The attitude that people bring to a tour is so important.  I love the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History tours.

New York City Tourist Guide
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Posted: Dec 12, 2018 | 1:27 PM
by Jared Goldstein

From a Group Tour Operator raving about Tour Guiding and Tour Managing for Adults visiting NYC, returning again and again

"We've received amazing feedback and only positive things about you as a tour manager and also their local [NYC] guide. I'm so grateful for being able to count on you for any NYC business we've had, and hopefully you'll consider to work with us in the future as well.

My sister and I actually might be spending Saturday in NYC ..., and if you're around on Saturday and we have time, I'd love to link up with you as well. Maybe you have some good insider tips for some trending, not too touristy things to do ;)

Keep in touch!"

-Tour Operator from Northeast

NYC Tourist Guide

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Posted: Dec 10, 2018 | 7:18 PM

From a Travel Club President

A Travel Club President who organizes trips around the world for years had this to say about our five days together:

"Jared, you have been an incredible guide!  You truly made our NYC visit so
much more enjoyable than it ever would or could have been without you!
You have truly gone the mile beyond for us.  Thank you so much!
-Your ___ Travel Club Group!"

We experienced:
Holiday Lights tour
The Drama Bookshop
Times Square
Empire State Building
9/11 Memorial
Brookfield Winter Garden
Rockefeller Center
Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
Hell's Kitchen.

NYC Tourist Guide
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Posted: Dec 10, 2018 | 1:25 PM
by Jared Goldstein

From a Tour Manager about my NYC shore excursion tours

Every year I lead tours for various Hudson River cruise companies' NYC shore excursions. 

I sometimes even narrate fall foliage tours up the Hudson River, but that's for another entry.  What a fascinating region with so much history and nature.

One Tour Director moved to another Cruise company and sent such a kind reply to me.

"miss your amazing tours of NYC! As ___ has said we don’t have any cruises going into NYC right now, but if anything changes we will definitely be in touch! ...

Looking forward to future opportunities of working with you!"

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Posted: Dec 9, 2018 | 3:53 PM
by Jared Goldstein

Another Ellis Island tour rave

"We all had a great time and enjoyed the tour a lot :)     "

Multigenerational Ellis Island tours for families are so meaningful.
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Posted: Nov 25, 2018 | 7:44 PM
by Jared Goldstein

From a family about our Ellis Island tour

"Thank you, Jared. We had a wonderful and very meaningful morning and we very much appreciate your guidance and patience."

Three generations, one family sharing Ellis Island together.
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Posted: Nov 18, 2018 | 6:16 PM
by Jared Goldstein

From a Tour Operator in the Plains

"Jared, I think everything went well, and I appreciate your help.  I have been bringing groups to New York for about 25 years and still really enjoy having a meet and greet for them both for the [NYC] tour on the way in and the help at the airport, both of which you did very well."
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Posted: Nov 5, 2018 | 9:50 PM
by Jared Goldstein

Testimonial from Social Media about our Ellis Island tour

Ellis Island tours are so meaningful. 

Acre for acre, Ellis Island is the most important place in American history, where 1/3 of us can trace at least one ancestor who passed through this immigration processing machine's 'golden doors' on the emigrants' way to becoming Americans, to build a nation.

This includes me, Jared the NYC Tour Guide! 

Thank you, Grandparents for taking the risk, making the sacrifices and the effort so that I can have a better life, much better than my second cousins who I never met, partly because most or all of them were exterminated during World War II.

My personal connection with Ellis Island is from a field trip that Mrs. Zaretsky or Zaretski organized, a hard hat tour of Ellis Island when it was a ruin in 1981. 

It was not a foregone conclusion that it would become a readily accessible museum.  Ten years later, thanks to the generosity of the children of the immigrants, like my parents, Ellis Island opened.  

Here is a rave for our  recent tour:

"B--- R------  recommends Jared the NYC Tour Guide.

My husband and I toured Ellis Island with Jared. He's a pleasure to be with and very informative. We look forward to taking another tour with him this spring!"

After our tour, we went on the behind-the-scenes hardhat tour of Ellis Island's haunting Hospital.  They are fundraising to open that safely to the public.  I plan to post pictures of this at http://facebook.com/JaredtheTourGuide

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