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January 1st in NYC History

Posted: Jan 2, 2013 | 12:40 AM

1637:  North American postal service begins between Nieuw Amsterdam (now New York City) and Boston, using horses.

1819:  The first official American heavyweight champion, 1841-52, Tom Hyer, born.

1864:  Alfred Stieglitz born.

1879:  William Fox of Fox Pictures born.

1892:  Ellis Island opens as an Immigration Station opened.

Annie Moore from Ireland is the first of 12 million to come.  There is a statue of her at Ellis Island.

That day, three large ships discharged 700 immigrants, and nearly 450,000 immigrants passed through the Island the rest of the year.

1898:  The City of Greater New York is born. With great fanfare – and controversy – the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten
Island merge with Manhattan to form what the Herald Tribune calls "the greatest experiment in municipal government – the enlarged city."

1901:  Rocky Graziano born.

1919:  J.D. Salinger born.  On my Central Park tours we discover what the ducks do in winter.

1934:  Columbia wins the Rose Bowl 7-0 over Stanford in Pasadena.  This signals the end of Ivy League football dominance, as this is the last Bowl game won by an Ivy.

1938:  Frank Langella born.

1942:  Fordham wins the Sugar Bowl, beating Missouri in front of 73,000 in the New Orleans rain.

1958:  Grandmaster Flash born.  He grew up in the Bronx.

1966:  John Lindsay faces a 13-day transit strike on his first day as mayor.  Public Schools closed and half the workforce stayed home.  Approximately 5 million rides per day didn't happen.

1978:  Ed Koch begins the first of his three terms as mayor, helping to turn the city around.  Despite his protests, he did preside over local-grassroots solutions to the city's thousands of abandoned lots and buildings, as well as partnering with businesses to start the turn-around of Times Square, among many other things.

1985:  VH-1, an MTV spinoff, begins broadcasting.

1990...David Dinkins is sworn in as the city's first African-American mayor.


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