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March 14th in NYC History:  
Artist, Actor, and Photographer Edition

Posted: Mar 13, 2013 | 8:45 PM
by Jared Goldstein

400 passengers from the sinking ship "Oregon" were rescued by the schooner "Phantom" in New York Harbor.

1888:  The Great Blizzard finally ends.  New Yorkers dig from snowdrifts twenty feet high.

1893:  The luxurious Waldorf Hotel opens on 33rd Street and Fifth Avenue at a cost of $3 million.  

36 years later it will be demolished for the Empire State Building development, and it will relocate to Park Avenue at 49th Street where it will combine with its former rival the Astoria.

1903:  Abstract Expressionist artist Adolph Gottlieb born, and later raised, in NYC where he built his influential career as part of "The New York School."

1923:  Photographer of real life and the margins Diane Arbus born in NYC.  She died 1971 in Greenwich Village.

Diane Arbus' neighborhood, Greenwich Village, is a wonderful place to experience on Greenwich Village tours.

1948:  Actor and Comedian Billy Crystal born in Manhattan, to be raised in the Bronx, then Long Beach, LI.

We see this spot, in Katz' Deli, on Lower East Tours.

2013:  For the first time since the 1950s, New York City announced more people moved in than moved out.  The population grew by over 160,000 to nearly 8.3 million.  

Families were growing, too, instead of moving to the suburbs.  

Most of the growth happened in Brooklyn along the L train line, but the Bronx saw rapid growth as well.  


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