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Sept 16th in NYC History -

Posted: Sep 15, 2012 | 8:33 PM
1776:  The Battle of Harlem Heights.  After strategically realigning (retreating/evacuating) from the British in the Battle of Long Island (Brooklyn), Washington's Continental Army killed 70 Brits, their greatest casualties since Bunker Hill.  Harlem Heights was renamed Morningside Heights for real estate and educational marketing purposes, and it is home of Columbia University's 116th Street Campus, both sides of which has plaques about its formerly eponymous battle.

1914:  James Sullivan dies at 51 in NY.  He founded the AAU (American Athletics Union), which governs amateur sports.  He also founded the American Sports Publishing Company in 1893.  The Sullivan Award is given annually to the USA's premier amateur athlete.

1920:  America's first truck bombing on Wall Street kills dozens, injures over 100, and takes out windows 1 mile around (1.6k).
The attackers are still a mystery.  Please contact the FBI or InterPol if you have information.

1924:  Happy Birthday Lauren Bacall, the smiling resident of the Dakota, where she can be seen in her window watering her plants.

1925:  Happy Birthday, B.B.King.

1956:  The Pope of Greenwich Village, Mickey Roark, born.

1966:  The Metropolitan Opera premiers its new home at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

1971:  Amy Poehler of Saturday Night Live and the Upright Citizens' Brigade Comedy center born.

1992:  Mayoral candidate Rudolph Giuliani incites thousands of off-duty police to a race riot that storms New York City Hall.

2008:  The USA announces an $85 billion emergency loan to keep AIG, the world's leading insurance company, and the banking system it insured afloat.


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