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It is all about Santa

Posted: Nov 26, 2012 | 12:35 AM
by Jared Goldstein
Following a tour run through earlier this weekend, I did my first Santa Tour this year with Elaine and Martha from Richmond, VA.  What a knowledgeable couple of guests.  It was a pleasure to tour with them. 

They remembered me from a 2009 Holiday Lights tour, so it was nice to do something holiday related but completely different.

I am adding a few more pages of notes and pictures and eliminating a couple of stops to keep things moving literally.

I am also thinking of changing the tour's name from "Santa Claus' NYC Birthday Tour" to "Santa the NYC Tour." 

I think the 'birthday' concept is confusing.  His birthday is a surprising fact that is covered on the tour.  Also, Jesus' birthday has been associated with Santa since 1822, so that's literally confusing.

As for "Claus," that seems cluttering.  Santa is the only Santa I know in English.  No need for "Claus."

Lastly, "Santa the NYC Tour," while not elegant, it is good enough; and it is congruent with the name of my business "Jared the NYC Tour Guide."


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