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January 11th in NYC History -
Happy Birthday, Hamilton;
William James and Mary J Blige;
First US Capitol of twice.

Posted: Jan 11, 2013 | 6:37 AM
by Jared Goldstein

1757:  Alexander Hamilton born in the West Indies.

As a Patriot, he founded the US Coast Guard, Customs Service, and the Treasury Department. 

As a New-Yorker he established America's first bank, the Bank of New York and The New York Post

We explore a great deal of Hamilton's colonial and early American history on walking tours of the Financial District.

1785:  New York City becomes the new nation's capital even before the present Constitution.
Congress, under the Articles of Confederation, met at Federal Hall.  NYC remained the capitol through the first years of the Constitution in 1789-90. 

We explore NYC's early American history on Downtown Tours.

1842:  William James, philospher and psychologist, born in NYC.

1925:  Brooklyn conductor Aaron Copeland's career takes off from the Aoelian Hall with his modern and acclaimed First Symphony.  Copeland will be known as the dean of American composers.

1971:  Happy Birthday,
Mary J. Blige.

1978:  Toni Morrison's book, Song of Solomon won the National Book Critics Circle Award, the first time for a black, and the first in fifty years for a woman.

1995:  The NHL and its players' association finally agree, ending a 105 day lockout, leaving only 48 games in the schedule.


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