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October 9th in New York City History

Posted: Oct 9, 2012 | 4:24 AM
1825:  53 passengers from Norway arrive, starting modern Norwegian immigration to the United States.

1855:  Isaac Singer patents the Singer Sewing Machine.

1892: A statue of Christopher Columbus is mounted atop the column that stands in what is now Columbus Circle. 
Thanks to a public art project, you can look Columbus' statue in the eyes in late 2012.

1896:  16 year old Beatrix Hoyt wins the National Golf Championships in Shinnecock Hills, the first of three championships.

1903:  Walter O'Malley, lawyer and owner of the Dodgers of Brooklyn then L.A. 1950-1979, born.

1912:  Alice Childress, writer and Broadway playwright, born.
  She would die at 91.

1916:  The longest World Series Game in history: 14 innings between Brooklyn and Boston away.

1928:  Babe Ruth hits 3 home runs in a game, for the second time, this time in a World Series!  Later, amidst St. Louis fans throwing objects at him, he will catch a ball to win the game.

1938...The Yankees defeat the Chicago Cubs in the World Series in a four-game sweep for their seventh world championship.

1940:  John Lennon born in Liverpool, England.  He adopted New York City in the early 1970s.  He liked the energy and the affability of New York and its people.  Que pasa New York, hey hey! 10/9  --- one of the reasons that nine was John's favorite number, inspiring Revolution #9 and #9 Dream.

Let's go on John Lennon's NYC Tour!

1946:  The Eugene O'Neill drama "The Iceman Cometh" opened on Broadway.

1949:  The Yanks beat Brooklyn to win the world series in Brooklyn.

1958:  Having trailed the series 3-1, the Yankees came back to win the World Series in Milwaukee.
  This made up for their 1957 loss to them.

1961:  The Yankees win the World Series after beating Cincinnati there 13-5 in a 4-1 series.

1975:  Sean Lennon's Birthday.  Another reason 9 was his father, John's lucky number. 

1975:  John Lennon granted permission to live in NYC, NY, USA.  Another reason why 9 was his lucky number. 

Lennon was persecuted by the FBI at the behest of Strom Thurmond and Richard Nixon who thought that Lennon's radical politics combined with his celebrity and backing McGovern constituted a threat.  The campaign worked to some extent, practically driving Lennon out of productivity and the public eye for years.  The FBI file on John Lennon was longer than the files on all the Nazis living in the US after World War II

1975:  In a televised news conference, President Gerald
Ford restates his opposition to a federal bail-out of New York City during the city's financial crisis.

1985:  Yoko Ono's $1 million gift to Central Park, along with donors from 100 nations, established the tear-drop shaped Strawberry Fields as a Peace Garden.  This was one of the first parts of Central Park to be renovated by volunteers and donors.

Let's go on a John Lennon's New York City Tour

1987:  Clare Boothe Luce, writer, socialite, politician, ambassador and wife of the publisher of Time magazine died.  Considering her husband's connection with the CIA, I wouldn't be surprised if she had intelligence ties.

1994:  New York Marathon founder Fred Lebow dies at 62.  The Marathon began as laps around Central Park in 1970.  In the late 1970s my father and he worked together to make the event go through all five boroughs of NYC, making it an international hitI have fond memories helping out at Tavern on the Green all day, working behind the finish line, and then joining my family for dinner there amongst Mayor Koch who nurtured the event to applause.  Parks Commissioner Stern and I struck up a friendship years later because he worked with my father, who he nicknamed Pietro d'Oro (Goldstone, an Italian translation of the German Goldstein).  He calls me Pietro d'Oro due'.

2007:  The Dow Jones industrial average closed at an all-time high of 14,164.53.

2008:  The Dow Jones industrial average fell below 9,000 – to 8,579.19 – for the first time in five years.

2012:  The Dow Jones industrial average begins at 13,583.65


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