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Posted: Feb 18, 2019 | 9:29 PM

From a Tour Operator,

and a Master NYC Private Sightseeing Guide

Some raves this week that I am so proud of:

From a UK School Tour Operator:
"[Our client, ___] college['s Group Leader teacher] loved you and the tour."

We saw Castle Clinton in Battery Park, the Dutch Flagpole, the Customs House, the old counting houses near Fraunces Tavern, the Charging Bull, the New York Stock Exchange, the Fearless Girl, Federal Hall, Wall Street, the Equitable Building, and the World Trade Center and its 9/11 Memorial.

This high school group was in New York City for retail studies and business. I have been leading NYC tours for this school's Tour Operator, my client, since around 2007. They do a great job.


I also do tours for hotel Concierges' guests. A colorful NYC Tour Guide since the 1980s is a favorite of Concierges, and he hired me to do a duet with him for a lovely couple. This maestro Guide wanted a Financial District expert to do a dual tour. It was great fun for all of us. We toured Trinity Church yard, marveled at Hamilton's tomb, visited the Bank of New York, Wall Street, the NYSE, the Fearless Girl, the Charging Bull, the World Financial Center, the Oculus, the World Trade Center and its 9/11 Memorial, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

This what he said about our time:

"Our guests were very happy with your wonderful [New York City] tour and I am grateful for your service as well.
We will keep in touch and I’ll recommend your [NYC Tour Guide] services in future."

I love doing tours with fellow Guides! If you can afford it, hire two Guides! I know great ones, and we really feed off each other.
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