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Testimonial from an Urban Planner and Architect

Posted: Jul 5, 2013 | 12:12 PM
by Jared Goldstein
From TripAdvisor

best way to do NYC!

Reviewed June 29, 2013

in short: make your NYC visit more fun, safer, smarter, and more efficient...and that means the tour pays for itself!

i grew up on long island and lived in NY for nearly 20 years before moving away. know how much of NYC you can see in 20 years? a lot, but still merely the tip of the ice berg! investing in a tour with jared is just plain smart: you will do more, enjoy it all more, appreciate it at a deeper level, and be in savvy hands for safety and getting around so you can focus on taking in the amazing energy that is NYC.

his ability to structure things yet wing it is perfect for NYC. his intelligence and humor blend perfectly. his historical knowledge contrasts his hip finger-on-pulse of current events perfectly. his ability to make you laugh one moment and touch you deeply the next (like at the 9/11 memorial) mimics exactly what NYC itself can do to you. his comfort level with people old and young, local and foreign, serious and silly is paralleled by his comfort level with an equally diverse array of topics (we touched on pizza, punk, pierogies, art deco, beatniks, sports, music, and so on!).

by far the best decision/investment/experience of my whole trip! thanks, jared! coming back soon with my girlfriend and another wacky mix of topics to tour on!
loved how the other tour guides we crossed paths at were taking notes at your substance and style...and when you told that spoiled kid to show some respect for the magical pear tree at ground zero that survived
9/11 and hurricane sandy!

by NewcastleHomes
Austin, Texas, United States


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