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Testimonial:  Appealing to a wide age range

Posted: May 5, 2014 | 10:58 PM
by Jared Goldstein
Received April 23rd 2014

Hi Jared,

I was with a group that came down from northern B.C. from a dance studio in ... August of 2009. 

So many great memories, riding the subway, all the great landmarks of course, excellent food, etc. 

I didn’t think having a guide was a great idea, thinking that we would be led around from site to site on some tight schedule, I thought I would have a lot more fun exploring on our own.  You have such a wide knowledge of your city, we had lots of questions and it was great to hear from a local born and raised person, I really liked when you pointed out different places in NYC where movies had been filmed. 

I think the great thing for me was how you handled the different ages within our group, it’s not easy keeping both adults AND teenagers from 13-19 entertained, and you handled it with humour and patience. 

I was humbled by Ground Zero, it really is hallowed ground and I wasn’t prepared for how big that site is, how big the devastation was and how horrific it must have been, thanks for taking us there, and to that beautiful church beside it with all those pictures of people that had perished.  

One thing I remember and still chuckle at was your story of how you took a trip up to northern Canada, and you had some anxiety because there were no people around anywhere, you are a great story teller, you are able to speak and connect to any age group. 

C. and I talk about coming back – so many places we’d like to spend more time in – and if we do I doubt we could afford to have you just for ourselves, but we would definitely take you out for supper when we do. 

Best of luck and success with your business and your life!  God bless, T. 

T.M. northern British Columbia


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