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Testimonial - Fan mail from an educational tour operator

Posted: Jul 18, 2014 | 2:33 AM
by Jared Goldstein
Hi Jared,

T... called earlier today about her husband G..'s NYC Architecture tour for 2015.

If it materializes,  she asked if you could be his Escort!!          

B-T-W She loves you, and said you were a fabulous Escort for their group!!!!  She told me how you got the FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology] tour to be just what she wanted when they were going to give you a full campus tour!! Way to go!!  I was told it was just going to be a Fashion tour, so I need to know these things to be able to give the client what they ask for!!

Seriously, Thanks for being outspoken and making the tour happen as T... wanted!!


Tour Director

Background:  I escorted a group of Fashion students around NYC and took them to FIT, where, on the fly, I got their general admissions tour of the campus customized to their specific interests while another tour guide took the rest of the public on the general tour.  The group leader loved my work and recommended me to be the escort and tour guide for a group of architecture students from the same school that her husband, another teacher, will be leading.


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