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Posted: Mar 3, 2019 | 10:12 PM
by Jared Goldstein
5 Stars
Reviewed December 26, 2012
private tour in Harlem
it happened that I was the only one on the tour to Harlem and Jared was my guide on that walking tour that sunny day! He was very informative and fun about so many things which are hidden from a regular tourist! We visited a baptist church on Sunday and I enjoyed the mess and gospel singing. Then we had a walk around the district and I've got many curious explanation from Jared.
It seems Harlem became closer now that it used to be before.
Thank you!
From a Russian visitor to New York City

5 Stars
A tourist from Michigan
Reviewed November 6, 2011
Jared made Harlem great for our teenager.
Absolutely loved our Harlem tour with Jared. We booked on a Thursday in November, and our family of 3 ended up with a private tour. Jared immediately identified our interests and customized the tour for us. Our son, who just turned 15 and has started playing in the jazz band at school, got to hear all about Harlem's music greats and history. I love architecture, and Jared found side streets that illustrated a variety of housing trends thru the years. Jared loves New York and is a treasure of information about the city. I picked his brain endlessly, and he even sent us more info about jazz clubs later. Thanks [redacted] and Jared!


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